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Mens Rings AustraliaMens Rings Australia

A ring is more than just a piece of jewellery it’s a statement about who you are. Our mens jewellery Australia collection is designed to capture your individual style and personality. From sleek band rings to signet styles that can be personalised, explore our range to discover the perfect mens gold ring for you.

Sizing a ring is simple. Measure the widest part of your finger, which may be either at the knuckle or base. The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to use a ring you already wear, which fits comfortably. Ring sizes are based on the alphabetic UK and US systems with half sizes denoted as A 1/2 or Z4.

Choosing the Perfect Men’s Engagement Ring in Australia: Tips and Inspiration

We’ve curated an extensive range of men’s rings from brands that combine traditional techniques with modern design. Find bold textured designs from Canadian-based Maple or a nod to Greek heritage with pieces by Vancouver-based Konstantino. CFDA award-winning Giles & Brother uses metals as its main material, with a focus on intricate engravings and modern silhouettes. For the rugged and cool, we recommend exploring the collection from London-based jewellery brand Veert, which is all about balancing classic elegance with elevated whimsical elements.

If you’re after a ring to match your engagement or wedding ring, look no further than our selection of white gold men’s rings or platinum mens rings. These ring metals are precious, durable and hypoallergenic. We also feature two-metal combinations such as titanium and zirconium for a contemporary, modern style. All of these metals are incredibly strong, and some are even harder than diamonds! You can personalise your ring even further by adding an initial, name or date to create a piece of jewellery that is uniquely you.

Horse Lead LinesHorse Lead Lines

A horse lead lines (also called a lead rope or training line) is used to manage a horse during daily activities when the animal is not bridled for riding. It is a flat rope that is usually made from cotton, nylon or leather. The handler leads the animal using the end of the lead attached to a halter or headcollar. Leads can be a variety of lengths and styles and may include a chain at the end, a carabiner hook or a panic snap.

When choosing a horse lead rope it is important to consider the handing technique and level of skill required for your specific needs and to select a material that will be appropriate for your horse’s temperament and size. A light lead line is ideal for a well-trained, calm horse that understands and responds to basic commands. A heavy lead line is best for horses that need more control and a firmer grip to keep them from wandering off or escaping.

Tackling Trust and Training: The Role of Ropes in Building a Bond with Your Horse

Some people like to use a panic snap on their lead lines, as this type of snap releases instantly when pulled and may prevent injury to the animal or handler in case of an accident. Others prefer a simple bolt snap for a more stylish look that is still quick to release.

If the lead is spliced, it can be quickly attached to a halter or other equipment and can also be remade with a new end in the event of damage or breakage. Some people carry a sharp knife in their tack or on them to be able to cut a lead if needed.