Xavi Reyes blog Road Rage Capitals in the UK

Road Rage Capitals in the UK

We’ve all been there – someone cuts you up, Road Rage Capitals in the UK the middle lane or flies through a red light and makes your blood boil. But where exactly does road rage occur most? A nationwide survey by Hey Discount revealed that some UK locations are more prone to angry driving, with the East Riding of Yorkshire ranking as the country’s road-rage capital.

Drivers here get more irritated with others behind the wheel than anywhere else in Britain, with 100 per cent of surveyed drivers admitting they have experience of road rage. Other rage-inducing activities include drivers cutting into roadworks queues, jumping red lights and stealing parking spaces. Drivers also get annoyed by people using their phones while driving, not indicating and those who fail to say thank you after giving them way on the road.

Road Rage Capitals in the UK

The most calmest drivers are in Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow – with less than half of the city’s drivers losing their cool behind the wheel. In second place was Lincoln, while Cardiff and Birmingham were ranked third and fourth. However, it’s not just the location of the road rage that causes drivers to lose their temper – it seems to be more about the individual. The survey found that men are more likely to get angry at other road users than women – with three-quarters of males confessing to swearing while driving and seven in ten saying they’re prepared to step out of their vehicle to confront another driver.

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There are several check proxy detection status online from monitoring access logs for web servers and network devices to checking blocklists of known open proxies or malicious IP addresses and community reporting. Another common way to identify a proxy is analyzing the IP’s port and looking for commonly used ports for proxies like SSH (port 22) or SOCKS5 (port 1080).

A proxy detection service can also offer additional details about the proxy connection such as a DNS leak, previous misuse or being a part of a botnet. They can also provide a fraud risk score and other threat intelligence data to help you better understand your users and prevent fraudulent activity.

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While there are many ways to protect yourself from open proxies, the best and most effective method is by using our live proxy detection tool. It’s fast, easy to use and offers reliable results. The tool is especially useful for people who work with headless applications, which are often designed to work with a variety of different proxies. It’s also a great resource to ensure your proxies support the SOCKS5 protocol, as it is a must-have for most headless apps.