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Unsung Heroes: A Day in the Life of a Costume Department

The clock strikes seven in the morning, and the costume department is already bustling with activity. The day starts with a review of the shooting schedule, ensuring that all costumes for the day’s scenes are ready to roll.

First, there’s the fitting room. Actors come in one after the other, trying on their costumes, making sure everything fits perfectly. Minor adjustments are made on the spot. A stitch here, a pin there; it’s all in a day’s work.

Next, there’s the maintenance of costumes. Some outfits, especially in period dramas or action films, go through wear and tear. They need to be cleaned, repaired, and sometimes even remade to ensure continuity.

The department also has a research team. For period pieces or films set in specific locales, accuracy is crucial. This team pores over books, photographs, and sometimes even visits museums to ensure that every button, every hemline is period-appropriate.

By late evening, as the shooting wraps up, the team starts preparing for the next day. Costumes are lined up, accessories are arranged, and the cycle begins anew.

It’s a relentless job, but the passion of these unsung heroes ensures that every frame we see on screen is nothing short of perfection. The costume department might be behind the scenes, but their work is front and center in every shot.

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